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Clubbing in Nanjing was not as I expected... It was fabulous!!

This was the first time I was going to a club in Nanjing. The night started slowly with drinks, chatter and getting dressed to go out.

Near enough the whole group had planned to go out, so as you could imagine it was pretty difficult to get a taxi. When we finally got one,it only took 8 minutes to get to 1912 district.

Once we got there, waiting for us was a strip of workers for each club attempting to lure us into their club. We sampled a few places however many of them did not have a good variety of music and an actual dance floor.

By 1.30am, the group had separated - some people stayed out and others went home. As you may have assumed, I stayed out. I definitely found this at a western looking club (sorry I forgot the name). I heard Shakira's version of Waka Waka blazing out and immediately made my way to inside the club.

The songs that followed were not too impressive, therefore I approached the DJ to make a request for more Hip Hop and RnB ( they are my favourite genres to dance to). As the time approached 2 am I was completely stunned - the DJ had not only fulfilled my wishes, he went above and beyond.

I heard Fuse ODG Dagerous Love (my favourite song at the moment!!). After that the tunes kept on coming - Azonto , Chop My Money remix and Kukere. I went crazy because I love these songs and no club that I had previously been to has ever played them, let alone all of them in succession!

Clubbing is Nanjing was LIFE. I look forward to sampling a few more places during my time here. Though I now have some high expectations!

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