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I needed to be in Nanjing by the end of Sunday because I am studying at The University of Nanjing, so I got a taxi from my hotel to Beijing South Railway Station. I was alone as Vicky's (a friend also doing the programme in Shanghai) flight was pretty early. I can honestly say that the thought of travelling alone kept me awake at night. However, with a few odd words to the driver and a book in hand my nerves started to fade.

My train was scheduled to depart at 11am. But I arrived at the station very early and had to wait until 10.40 till I could board the train. I grabbed a seat in the waiting area just outside of the departure gate and read the information brief sent to me by the university.

Time flew by and the next thing I knew I was barging and pushing several Chinese passengers to get through the gates and onto the platform. It was really easy to navigate my way to my designated seat and was ready to kick off the 4 hours+ train ride.

Throughout my journey I barely spoke to anyone except the passenger next to me because of the language barrier. I have to say I was content listening to Fuse ODG, Calvin Harris and falling asleep for a few hours.

By the end of my train journey, I was really happy that I challenged myself to travel alone because I saw some beautiful places, which I certainly would not have seen if I decided to get a flight to Nanjing.

When I arrived at the train station it was simple to locate a taxi. So within 20 minutes of reaching Nanjing Railway Station, I got to the hotel that would become home for the next 3 weeks.



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