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The last few days, particularly Thursday 14th August has brought back many memories for me. This time last year I had just received my A Level results, which would determine what university I went to and indirectly a whole lot of other things.
As some of you may have, or may have not realised results day (and life in general) does not come without its shocks or surprises. Let me explain…

After completing my GCSES I got 5 A’s but no A*’s, so bare in mind I wasn’t a genius, at all. I started college, excuse me, I mean sixth form and I studied A Level Chemistry, Economics and Maths, alongside AS RE. At the end of my first year I achieved 1 A, 2 B’s and 1 C; what was probably close to, if not the national average. The UCAS application period came and went quickly and I received four offers to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE).

Having been born and raised in London, I had already decided that I wanted to venture out, be independent etc. So I firmed Manchester (University of) and insured York, despite having a higher offer of AAA from York (strange I know, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!).

Anyway before results day, Erd and I had devised a bit of a plan. Instead of collecting our results before finding out if we got into Manchester (yes, we both applied and firmed it!), we decided to check UCAS Track at 8am on Thursday 13th August 2013. But as you all know, nothing ever really goes to plan in life, so we ended up checking at a time well past 8, or was it before?

Hearts racing, sweat dripping, we checked… Erd had got in, while I was left in limbo - for no apparent reason my Track had not been updated. I, of course, assumed it was because I had somehow not met my offer of AAB. Having previously agreed that we’d go to the same university (no matter what!), I was left feeling utterly gutted… not because I didn’t get in, but because I had ruined Erd’s chances of going to the university she really loved!

After a few tears in the shower, I was determined to get an explanation. I went to college and got my results… It turned out that I had in fact met my offer, but because my Chemistry result came in late the night before my firm choice had not been informed and so could neither confirm, nor deny my place.

Overall, I guess what this whole post is trying to get at, is that it is so easy for us to assume things!! It is best to approach things (no matter how major or minor) with an open mind. Even if it had been the case that I didn’t meet my offer, and I hadn’t got into Manchester, things would have still been ok! Yes, I may have been upset, angry and so on for a while, but at some stage I would have had to take a different approach and look at the positives to my situation.

So, if you’ve had a hard time this week - something hasn’t gone your way at school, work, at home, or your results were not what you wanted or needed them to be, try looking at it from a different perspective, find out what your options are and consider the positives. Avoid assuming things! I know it isn’t easy and I cannot guarantee that you will feel amazing, but it might just help you sort things out.

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