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As Erd previously mentioned, I am currently interning at a company in Manchester. It’s been really busy, crazy but so fun! I’ve really enjoyed putting together some cool, classy outfits for the office… Although being so used to wearing casual clothing to uni, I have to admit it was a little difficult at first.
Last week I was working in London. I knew Erd and I were going out to meet one of our favourite people, so I tried to make my daytime outfit a bit more glamorous…

Over the past year jumpsuits have really come to the forefront of the fashion scene and I must admit I only started liking them after I saw some gorgeous ones wore by bloggers Shope and Shore. I decided to launch a jumpsuit from Missguided (£11.99) (it literally arrived the day before) and I honestly can’t describe how much I love it – the pattern, the colours, just everything about it!

An added bonus was that it could be worn to look either smart or casual. To the office, I matched it up with a pair of suede flats (£7.99) and a lightly pinned stripped blazer (£8.99) from H&M (apologies I didn’t get a photo with the blazer on) and in the evening I switched it up to a pair of green (I adore bright colours!) Vans that I got in January, coupled with a faux leather jacket from SheInside (big thanks to Patricia Bright!) and one of my mum’s trendy sidebags from the 80’.

I had such a fabulous time with Erd and Soph. We should have a review up of the place we went to shortly, so make sure to check it out.. I’ll also try to post a few more office outfits up and give you all few tips on what to wear and what not to wear to the office.

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