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I must begin this post with an apology because I was so eager to get my previous update up that I did not tell you where I was going.

Currently I am in China because I am participating in the Study China Programme. The Study China Programme is a 3-week experience organised by the British government which gives students the opportunity to learn Mandarin at a Chinese University as well as take a module in a topic related to Chinese culture. I arrived in Beijing, China on Saturday morning. Due to jet-lag I was left couped up in my hotel room for a few hours.

It was not until late afternoon that I was able to explore Beijing. I did not have any idea where I wanted to go or of any places near to my hotel (which was a fair distance from Beijing International Airport). A taxi picked us up from our hotel and offered to take us to the 'tourist central' of Beijing. It took about an hour to get there, costing only a 100CNY (£10) between us (Vicky - another student doing the programme and I)... CHEAP!

We walked around for an hour but one thing that we discovered was that it is really difficult to cross roads since there is barely any crossings. Unsurprisingly I attracted a lot of attention and many people asked me to pose for pictures. Due to jet-lag and the fact that it was getting dark, Vicky and I decided to catch a taxi back to the hotel.

The first night in China wasn't too eventful,but I cannot say that I expected much!

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