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Guys I am going to give you a fair warning and say that shopping in China is crazy!

There are those typical stores that you find in the UK and everywhere else - Zara, Addidas, Nike and etc. However everyone knows that when you go on holiday you want to find good clothing for a fraction of UK prices.

The first mistake I made was going to the Golden Eagle shopping centre in Nanjing. The shopping centre consisted of big brands and I'll be honest, I did not buy anything. (I am student - I do not have money for that and am not a big brands fan).

Next stop was Fashion Lady which is a well known underground market all across China (it is literally underground and it was legal). The clothing items in this place were great, even though some shops were quite pricey (£200 for a dress). A group of us did manage to find a place which was cheap - I am talking about mini going out bags for £4 and figure-fitting denim jeans for £10. I love bargains so I was happy!

After trying to return to the place I called Fashion Lady, it turned out that it was not Fashion Lady. On my first trip out the taxi driver must have got confused and dropped us off at the wrong shopping centre because when a group of other fashion freaks and I reached our destination we had been transported to a place that was unfamiliar... But nonetheless still something I that I would call heavenly!

Overall shopping in China can be a hit and miss. It is all about trying to find somewhere that caters to the things that you like whether it is high-end brands or low-end comforts. One tip that I'd give you is always haggle for clothing. Even if it seems cheap to you because the I found that most of the time sellers were always willing to undercut their original price when I would state that their items were too expensive - even if it was by just £4.


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