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Credit to: Luke Stevenson

Virginia was the latest stop on the tour. I can say one day is definitely enough time to come away feeling satisfied! What defined Virginia was the sheer Americanness of a city that has been aptly referred to as the best town ever. It was a pleasant, pretty and small city.

We were blessed with lovely weather - the sun seemed to come out just for us. After an adrenaline-filled morning and a great wake-me-up at the go-karting track, a friendly taxi driver - who was taken with our British accent - advised us on where to go to find some food and what to do in Richmond... She gave lots of useful suggestions it was as if she had swallowed the yellow pages. We settled on Sam Miller’s for a truly delicious afternoon meal. I opted for the classic American burger whereas one of my companions decided to stick to something which reminded them of home - fish and chips. One might think that such an order would have been slated for being too British due to the stereotype attached to such a dish, but the fish was almost certainly better than most of the battered cod that one consumes across the pond! It was a joy to eat and as fresh as you could have ever wished. Lunch definitely demonstrated why Virginia is famous for its seafood!

Feeling full and uplifted, we strolled around a deserted city centre - what constituted as downtown Richmond. Although I found this with Washington D.C and Charlotte too, so the only conclusion left to make is that American cities are ghost towns on the weekends.

Richmond was very much an example of old America. Many of the men who made the States the worldwide power that it is today sprung from here -George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - are just a few. The Capitol Square gave me a genuine sense of respect for these men. While the Capitol building gave me a sense of awe. Located to the north west of it was a statue of George Washington surrounded by other notable American politicians sculpted by Thomas Crawford. This is one of only two existing sculptures that are an accurate reflection of George Washington... I could not believe it!

We toured in style, opting for the Segway which began 5 minutes from the centre of the city on East Cary Street and ended at the banks of the river James at the southern tip of the Mount Calvary Cemetery.

East Cary street was the perfect spot to unwind and wait for our coach at the end of a day that will live long in my memory. Virginia - fitting for a place that has such a permanent place in American history and in the forging of the nation that exists today. Will definitely be back to check out Virginia Beach - when it is speedo weather of course!
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