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It was bank holiday on 19th January (MLK Jr. day), so a couple of friends and I thought that we would be fools if we did not start our tour of the USA off. We decided to visit Charlotte because it seemed quite close to Raleigh and quite cheap to get to. Key word is seemed, however it was still over 3 hours away on the Carolinian. I know the USA is massive, but I was still surprised at how far Charlotte was from Raleigh!

After the long train ride and dropping off our baggage at the hotel (Cortyard, Marriot), we went to dinner... Dinner=Hooters... Typically as a heterosexual 19-year-old female, this would not have been the first place I would of chosen to have dinner, but when in the USA it seems silly not to be open-minded and adventurous, even if it is only about my dining decisions.
To be completely honest, when I walked into Hooters all I could think about was one of my favourite childhood movies - Big Daddy!

The food at Hooters was great. I did not expect to be so full after eating my hot wings and struggled to finish my chili fries. But as usual I was still up for getting dessert, which was what I enjoyed the most. I felt as though I gained weight just from looking at it!

The best thing about Charlotte was the Segway tour. I have to admit that at first I was quite poor at segwaying, but after I got used to it, it turned out to be a blast! Tour destinations included the Panthers Stadium, Pinewood/Elmwood Cemetery, the Square and Romare Bearden Park etc.

The Segway tour cost a total of $55 and lasted for just under 3 hours. Initially it seemed expensive but it was definitely $55 well spent! I would really recommend it as it is probably the best way to see Charlotte.

Dinner at Rock Bottom came in 2nd, closely behind the Segway tour. I had the Mac n’ Chicken, which as you can guess was Mac n’ cheese accompanied with Chicken. Overall I'd give Charlotte a big thumbs up! It is a place I will certainly visit again.

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