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Two weekends ago, I went to see the President in Washington D.C. I had it all planned - I would relay the hello that my mum offered to him from London... I do not think that he got the message I was there...Because when I arrived the place was swarmed with security. I guess just because I was there to see him, did not mean that he was available to see me, but a lady can only dream! Thus I had to settle for other attractions to fill my time and a standard view of the White House.

As I stated in an earlier post, I am hopeless with directions and planning, so I left it to one of my competent buddies.

I complained about the 3 hour journey to Charlotte, but I really did not know what I was in for before our trip to Washington – it was 6 hours. What did not help was that the wifi kept on cutting in and out of use. Following the 6 hour train journey from Raleigh to D.C, we thought it would be a good idea to get some food and get acquainted with the city.

I cannot quite remember, what the food place was called, however it was the worst food that I have had since I have been in the USA thus is why images of it are lacking.

On the Friday evening and during the day on Saturday, we did everything tourist. Lincoln Memorial, Capitol Hill,the White House. A few things I discovered during the tours is 1. Washington D.C. is cold - snow decided to greet us when we were having a little wonder. 2. In Washington D.C. you walk a lot - I felt as though I lost weight by the end of my visit 3. The subway system in D.C. is much nicer than the New York subway - although they can not really be compared, it reminded me of Tube.

Saturday was the best day! We started the day off with brunch (which is a pretty big thing in D.C). Due to my sweet tooth I opted for the blueberry pancakes which were so good! We had dinner at a place called Silo where the atmosphere was so chilled - it imitated restaurants that you would typically find in Shoreditch or Brick Lane. I loved that I could sing along with the music - although I kept this strictly limited to my table. We attempted to explore the night life in D.C. however this is rather difficult to do so when under the age of 21. Before heading back to Raleigh we had a wonder around Newseum which was great however I do not think that it was worth the $24 I paid to get in.

Overall, D.C. was full of history. It had the most museums that I have ever seen in my life - there was literally one on every street. But I am not jumping to go back... I have seen the White House so feel content!
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