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Below I am going to give you a list of activities that I completed in New York (over a two-day period) and the cost of it. Note that I was in New York in early January so prices may differ whenever you are in New York. Also, for most things that I did, I used the subway so you will need to factor your transportation in to any costs (although the subway was cheap).

I hope that this can be useful to any people travelling to New York!

MUST Sees:

1. Times Square – Times Square was one of the defining features of New York. It summarised New York - massive, flashy and diverse. You can find places to eat, shop etc.
Price: FREE

2. Central Park – Central Park is a well-known park in Manhattan. I visited in January when it was really cold. The best time to go to Central Park would be in the Spring/Summer since it is much warmer.
Price: FREE

3. Empire State – The Empire State is one of the tallest buildings in New York (and the world?). It is a must see!
Price: FREE for those of you who want to just look at it. But $26 for folks who want to go up it and soak up the amazing view

4. Comedy Strip – Comedy Strip is the oldest comedy showcase in New York. And I can honestly say that you will not be disappoint with the 2-3 hour show. On the evening I went, it was hosted by Ray Ellin and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Price: $20

5. Statue of Liberty – The Statue of Liberty was given to the US from France. It is seen as an icon of freedom.
Price: $26 although there is a ferry that does a tour of the surrounding area for FREE

6. Grand Central Station – The best station I have ever been to in my life!! It is absolutely beautiful... You would really be a fool not to go - especially considering the price!
Price: FREE

7. World Trade Memorial – It was only right to pay my respect to some of those killed in the 9/11 attacks.
Price: FREE

8. National History Museum – The National History Museum is one the biggest museums that I have been to in my life. It has four floors and each floor is packed with so much to see (Native American history, Dinosaur history, etc.)
Price: $17 - Student price (Note: whether student ID is required differs on the person serving you)

9. Brooklyn Bridge – Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the US. It is a popular attraction because of its pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle access.
Price: FREE

10. 5th Avenue – 5th Avenue is a shopping district in Manhattan. The road consists of shops including MAC Cosmetics, Abercrombie and Fitch, etc.
Price: FREE (It is in walking distance to most places that are located in the centre of New York)
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