So I went to Jamaica last week and the first thing I noticed when I stepped off the plane was the heat. Everyone working at the airport were super chilled and friendly. After the tedious task of getting through immigration and customs, I was picked up by my airport transfer. I would highly recommend this method of getting to your hotel as taxis are known for taking people to the wrong places or overcharging customers. It took about an hour and a half to get to Negril from the airport. But the journey was relaxed and the driver was talkative, therefore the drive seemed quicker than it was.

Upon reaching the hotel - Eddie's Tigeress 2 - I dumped my luggage and got ready to tour the local area. Of course by touring, I mean head to the beach. The beach was an actual beach... UK beaches tend to contain stones and dirty water, yet as I said before this was an actual beach! I decided to do the most touristy activity and sunbath on the deck chairs. I am black and did not have sunscreen, so I could not do this all day as I would probably end up burnt by the sun.

Going out in Negril was fantastic! The best nights were on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday a few of the girls and I went to Bourbon Beach seeking good music and a great atmosphere. We were not disappointed. Although the dance floor was empty when we arrived, it did not take us long to start the party. The tunes that were played by the DJ varied between mainstream pop - Beyonce and dancehall - Beenie Man etc. On Thursday night, all of us went to Jungle. Someone staying at our hotel stated that they planned their holiday around this night, so I had high expectations and upon my arrival to Jungle, I totally understood why. Again, they played mainstream music and dancehall. What I really loved was Jungle offered a completely different atmosphere to the beach. It was a serious club - a party hard or go home type of club.

Overall, Jamaica reminded me of Nigeria. The food was great - rice and peas with chicken and salad was a dish that I indulged in on several occasions. I cannot forget about the Ting too - a fizzy drink made using grapefruit. It tasted so sweet! The locals were so friendly - when walking past strangers on the street, they would offer greetings to us and in times of confusion, assistance in finding our destination . I, particularly, loved that everyone was stress-free and relaxed - it is really a place for 'no worries' and that was definitely what I had by the end of the holiday.

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  1. Wow that was interesting, I really enjoyed reading about your experience in Jamaica. Life if for living and I sure do admire the way you're living your life. Was the sand really like gold dust and the sea transparent?

    1. Yu I am so glad you enjoyed it. Thank you. The sand and sea were exactly how you imagine it and more - best beaches I have ever been to.