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Last night I got some sad news that a family friend had passed away. The first thing that comes to most of our minds when we discover that someone we know has died is shock. We think of the last time we saw that person. We think of the last time we spoke to that person. And the next thing which comes to mind is the feeling that you just can't quite imagine your life without that person, no matter how big or small their impact may have been in your life.

Death is such a strange thing... We all know that one day we will die, but that doesn't make the death of people around us any easier. In the aftermath of discovering that someone we know has died, we start to think that our days are numbered. No matter how old we are, no matter how healthy we are it seems that death will always be knocking at our door - coming to get us. In these moments we vow to value our life, to live it in the way we want to - travel more, take more risks and just do more.

However it is so difficult to live up to these internal promises. This is because we fear the world outside of our comfort zone - we have bills to pay and other commitments to uphold. Most of the time we forget that life is for living, until another death comes around and then we are able to put things into perspective.

And the cycle repeats - until we die? It is so difficult. How can we make the most of the short time we have? Everyone has a different way of doing this. I try to do one thing each day that forces me out of my comfort zone - even if it is just talking to a random stranger - this can be such a fearful thing to do. But I think doing one new thing each day adds something different to our routines, it changes us for the better and lets us truly live.

Just a few thoughts - Erd
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