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At this point of the year, the weather is fantastic and there is nothing better than looking bright and summery - there is just something about nice weather and a nice outfit that makes us ladies feel confident. Although I love looking summery, I find that I always question myself when I am looking at items in my closet - is that too short?, is that blouse too tight?, do my legs look ok in these shorts? I usually think that this fear comes from caring what others think and what people deem to be socially acceptable, but in the end most people don't care what you are wearing (I say this in the nicest way possible). I mean we all love it when someone compliments us on what we are wearing or how we look and that is great. However when someone may look at our skirt with disapproving eyes, possibly thinking that it is too short, we feel quite self concious and insecure about how we look. I find that the best way to overcome this is to set yourself a target each day of wearing something different - brighter shoes, a different type of skirt to your usual and over time you'll develop your body confidence and you'll slowly stop caring what people around you think!

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