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So Erd wrote a post called "New York - What to do" when she visited NYC for the first time in January. After going there for the first time last month, I thought I would write another post adding to/reinforcing some of the sites on Erd's list (if you haven't seen it, check it out now -

MUST sees:

1. Rockefeller Center (also known as Top of the Rock) - One of the biggest buildings in New York. I went to see it in the evening, around 9.30pm and was able to see some amazing views of the city. What I saw will stay ingrained in my mind for a long time, it was so beautiful and really demonstrated why NYC is described as the city that never sleeps.

Cost: $28

2. Empire State Building (ESB) - Again, one of the tallest buildings in NYC. Most people do not do both the Empire State and Rockefeller Center since standing at the top, you can see one of the buildings from the other. Contrastingly to the top of the Rock, I went to the Empire State Building during the day. Again, the view was completely mind blowing and despite being so high, I did not get a sense of fear when looking down and realising how far I was from the ground. Personally, I preferred being at the Top of the Rock, but am really happy that I did the ESB too!

Cost: $26

3. New York Public Library - This place was surprisingly one of my highlights. There are usually special exhibitions throughout the year. When I was there, I saw the exhibition on the 'Public Eye: 175 Years of Sharing Photography'. In a nutshell it was about the development of new technology and social media, in the sharing of photos. It explored quite a few points, including: what are some of the platforms and networks through which photographs have been shared? In what ways have we, as photography’s public and one of its subjects, been engaged over time? To what ends has the street served as a venue for photographic practice since its beginnings? And, of more recent concern, are we risking our privacy in pursuit of a more public photography?, which I thought was completely fascinating with the more recent advancements in social media and the revolution of the internet. I would HIGHLY recommend this place to anyone visiting The Big Apple, especially considering the cost.

Cost: FREE

4. Chrysler Building - Although visitors cannot explore this building, they can view the lobby. Sadly, I did not have enough time to step inside, however I was able to walk past it daily, in the morning, afternoon and evening as it was close to my accommodation. For me, it was just one of those buildings that you noticed all the time. It's design is unlike any building I have seen before.

Cost: FREE

5. Times Square - It was recommended to me as a sight to see in the night-time. Luckily enough, I saw it both in the day and night time. Personally, it is better in the night, because the whole city is illuminated and there is so much going on e.g. Broadway Shows, everyone is going out to eat or coming home from work. WARNING: It is very tourist-y!

Cost: Free

6. Carlo's Bakery - It is the bakery owned by Sky Tv's Cake Boss. So, if like me, you are in love with baked goods, or have a massive sweet tooth, definitely pop in for a treat or two, or three. It is very easy to find, since it is along Times Square.

Cost (of a regular cupcake): approx. $4-5

7. Grand Central - This Station is just so different to anything in the UK. It is so intricately decorated that you could stare at the design for a good 5 - 10 minutes. I really liked this place, because it had a few hidden eateries (yes, I mainly mean bakeries) within the station that are absolutely delicious! It is really hard to navigate, so if you look lost, someone will help you, even a random member of the general public.

Cost: FREE

8. US Open - One of the four major tennis Championships, the US Open is scheduled from the end of August to the second week of September. It is lovely because it is easy to watch a variety of tennis players without paying a ridiculous price. Also, it is out of the main area of New York, so you get to view another setting. I would recommend going earlier on during the tournament as you get to see more players and more matches, which gives you great value for money.

Cost: Starting at approx. $50 for a Grounds Pass

As you can probably tell, I was not able to see as many sights as Erd did in January, however, I personally believe that New York is a place that needs to be visited more than once to fully see everything.
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