Hi I'm Eve, a something year old living in London & one of the founders of One of the main ambitions behind this blog is inspiring others to embark on a different experience. I love to travel because it means I get to meet new people as well as try new foods. My longest period away from home was a year when I studied in Canada. So far I've visited 15 countries, including 4 continents. I look forward to sharing some of my adventures & top travel tips with you!

Hello! My name is Mbawuese & I'm a keen traveler. I've seen a lot of Europe & even lived in Italy for 10 months. I've also been to the States but would like to travel to Asia or South America this year. I was in Cologne a few weeks ago & have a few more trips booked: Riga, Bordeaux, Tivat & a tour of Turkey. I look forward to sharing some of my stories from my travels with you :)

Pleasure to meet you guy & girls. The names Tavershima, but most people call me Tav. I picked up the travel bug back in 2015 while on my year out from university in California, & I can honestly say that I haven't looked back since. One of my goals in life is to go on holiday once a month for a whole year straight. Fingers crossed I can get it done! Look out for some content from my adventures!


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